Unleashing the Power of Hemp Chemistry

The dedicated professionals at Exciting! Extracts include a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors, biologists, chemists, growers and extraction specialists. We work together to advance cannabinoid science and produce safe, consistent and highly effective extracts. One of our two parent companies, Brilliant Health LLC, is a leader in research and development of science-based natural supplements for the North American market.

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Authenticating your product through HealthLoq, a blockchain-powered transparency platform bringing you immutable, trusted data about origin and quality. Proof.

Where this product came from and what’s in it. Digitally signed by every custodian, all the way from the source. You can trust this product. Every ingredient has been tracked and digitally signed by everyone who made it, all the way from the start.

Now you know. What is in it, where it came from, and who checked it. Here is your product’s genealogy, all the components and all the sources. Digitally tracked and signed along its entire lifecycle.